Brownstone Renovations & Modernizations

Revitalize and Restore Your Brownstone with EmpireHD

Revitalize and Restore Your Brownstone with EmpireHD

Preserving Heritage & Enhancing Homes

With over 30 years of experience restoring brownstones throughout the five boroughs, EmpireHD brings unparalleled expertise to the heart of New York City. Whether your brownstone is nestled in the historic streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant, the vibrant neighborhoods of Harlem, or in Midtown Manhattan, our skilled craftsmen love working on brownstone projects and take pride in our role as stewards of the city’s architectural legacy.

Why Choose EmpireHD for Brownstone Restoration

Skilled Craftsmanship

High-quality brownstone restoration relies on the hands of skilled labor. Our craftsmen, with years of experience and a passion for their craft, are dedicated to the art and craft of brownstone restoration. Whether your brownstone needs a full renovation or repairs to its facade, every chisel, every stroke and every detail is meticulously attended to, ensuring that the result is a testament to the artistry and skill that defines our brownstone restorations.

Exterior Brownstone Restorations

When it comes to exterior brownstone renovations, nothing beats the value of hiring experienced craftsmen who can get the job done right—the first time, every time. From repairing or refinishing your brownstone’s outer facade to upgrading windows and roofs, you can count on our team to preserve the historic charm that defines your brownstone.

Remodeled kitchen with beautiful hardwood floors, white cabinets and walls, and marble countertops.

Interior Brownstone Renovations

Whether it’s a dream kitchen remodel, a bathroom makeover, or a comprehensive interior transformation, our team possesses the know-how to turn your vision into a reality. From conceptual design to meticulous execution, EmpireHD is your trusted partner, ensuring that every room reflects your style and enhances your living experience.

Full-Gut Renovations

Full-gut brownstone restorations, or complete rejuvenations where every aspect of your brownstone is designed and renovated to your specifications, are a specialty of EmpireHD. Our engineers and craftsmen work in harmony to dismantle, rebuild, and renew, ensuring that every component aligns with your vision. From the structural foundation to the intricate details of interior design, our full-gut brownstone restoration process breathes new life into your brownstone.

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Revitalize Your Brownstone

Whether you’re looking for a full gut renovation of your brownstone or a thoughtful update to the exterior, we have the expertise to make it happen. Give us a call at (866) 969-2288 or fill out our contact form to speak with a member of our Client Relations team.

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