Commercial Upfits

Creating Functional Spaces, Fueling Business Growth

Creating Functional Spaces, Fueling Business Growth

Transforming Spaces & Inspiring Success

With over 30 years of experience, EmpireHD is your trusted general contractor for commercial upfits and build-outs that elevate your business space to new heights. We specialize in transforming commercial properties into dynamic, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments to suit your project. Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing space, design a new office layout, or create a vibrant retail or hospitality setting, EmpireHD has the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life.

About Commercial Build-Outs

Commercial build-outs involve the customization and enhancement of commercial spaces to meet the unique needs and requirements of businesses. Whether it’s transforming an empty shell into a functional office, updating retail storefronts to attract customers, or creating inviting spaces for dining and hospitality, commercial build-outs can optimize the functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency of commercial properties.
A construction site with metal framing, wiring, and a ladder, indicating an interior space under renovation.

Commercial Renovation Services

EmpireHD offers a comprehensive range of services for commercial build-outs, designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. With our expertise in space planning, design, and construction, we deliver tailored solutions that maximize the potential of commercial spaces while adhering to timelines and budgets. Our services include:

Diverse professionals in a bustling, open-plan office with a contemporary, industrial aesthetic.

Office and Retail Build-Outs

From corporate headquarters and cubicle installation to boutique storefronts, we have extensive experience constructing and renovating office spaces, retail establishments, and commercial facilities tailored to our client’s specific requirements.

Two architects working on a blueprint with a ruler and pencil.

Space Planning and Design

We work closely with clients to develop customized space plans and designs that optimize layout, maximize space utilization, and align with your objectives.

Interior construction site with drywall partitions, a ladder, and materials on the floor.

Interior Renovations and Remodeling

Whether it’s updating outdated interiors, reconfiguring office layouts, or modernizing retail spaces, our team specializes in transforming commercial interiors to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

A focused female barista prepares orders in a charming café with exposed brick and a cozy loft vibe.

Restaurant and Hospitality Projects

With a focus on creating inviting and immersive dining experiences, we excel in designing and building restaurants, cafes, bars, and hospitality venues to satisfy our clients and their customers.

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