Multi-Family Projects

Multi-Unit rehabilitation projects require a systematic approach to complete. Teams of crews are often compulsory… while a central driving guidance must be present at all time. At EmpireHD we initiate our plan of completion after obtaining approvals from all parties involved.

Coordination of timing and communication, especially when working within occupied buildings, is one of the highest priorities. With that in mind, we will assign one point of contact at EmpireHD for all parties to interact with. This streamlined approach helps eliminate the back and forth that can needlessly happen when more than one person from the same company is involved.

Take comfort in knowing that we have spent over 30 years working in occupied units – and we understand the importance of respecting the residents, protecting the various areas throughout the building and openly communicating timelines and project goals to everyone involved.

Please consider EmpireHD’s vast experience in working in occupied multi-unit properties when seeking out a contractor for a similar project.

Commercial Up-fits

Up-fits are most often requested by the property owner or management company – and the focus is usually on a quick completion within budget so they can start earning rental income.

Our experience in commercial space spans from simple office build-outs… to churches, restaurants, catering halls, colleges and more. Within our experience we’ve learned to listen, suggest and ultimately follow our clients wishes when it comes to completing their space the way they want.

If you have a need to improve or construct commercial space – allow one of our specialists to work with you on improving and customizing the area to your needs.


Since 1996 EmpireHD has been a licensed and leading provider of CCTV systems throughout the area.

The benefits of installing a surveillance system are clear: crime deterrent, evidence collection, activity monitoring, record keeping, insurance deductions and safety to name just a few.

There are disadvantages around installing a system as well: confusion over equipment placement can lead to insufficient coverage, vast choices in available technology can lead to improper equipment decisions and lack of industry knowledge can lead to a false sense of security.

There are many basic low price solutions available to homeowners and small business owners… and many can be completed by a semi-skilled “do it yourselfer”. But sometimes the solution needs to be a little more detailed… or paying someone else, instead of doing it yourself, is more appealing.

If you are looking to install a system at your location – allow us the opportunity to access your needs and provide an expert recommendation.


When Congress passed the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA), it created the National Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). The NSP provides grants to states and localities for the redevelopment of foreclosed and abandoned homes. The grants are intended to prevent further declines in neighborhoods most severely impacted by foreclosures. The City of New York’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) received an allocation in NSP funds which it continues to use to acquire, rehabilitate, and re-sell lender-owned, foreclosed properties throughout New York City.

Given EmpireHD’s unique experience in rehabilitating foreclosed properties, EmpireHD continues to work with local developers in collaboration with HPD to facilitate the transfer of lender-owned real estate (“REO”) and Third Party Transfer (TPT) properties. EmpireHD, as one of the leading contractors under this program, completes the necessary rehabilitation work so they can later be sold to new owner occupants.

To create the largest positive impact, EmpireHD, under various programs, targets the areas of greatest need – which is based on the highest percent of foreclosures.

Through the successful completion over the years of HUD, NHS, Restored Homes and HPD sponsored programs, EmpireHD has shown true commitment through partnership for the revitalization of our neighborhoods. Whether directly accountable for these programs or indirectly through local developers, EmpireHD has continued to produce the expected results while keeping to project timelines.

Maintenance Packages

EmpireHD provides contractor related unit maintenance solutions and ongoing service packages for owners and developers throughout the area.

We specialize in unit refreshers consisting of standard paint applications, carpet replacement and cleaning options… all within a cost conscience mindset needed for a quick rental turnover.

If you have a need for this type of service or require a unique type of request… please give us a call.

Resiliency Projects

As one of a handful of contractors that HPD and the state of New York turned to in order to successfully complete hundreds of projects related to the rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy – EmpireHD has become a leader in the relocation of building systems involving resiliency methodologies.

Whether it be constructing a dedicated boiler room on the roof of a building in Manhattan… or the design and build of a new single family home on Long Island… EmpireHD has the team with the experience many developers and clients turn to for support.

If you have a Resiliency Project in mind, we’ll be happy to have one of our Team Members answer any question you may have.